A little update for the big new year!

Hey everybody, here’s a little update for ya.

1. Been living/working/studying in Canada for 15 years this coming February, still waiting on my Permanent Residency application under the Live In Caregiver Program* (my momma’s application) response, will have answers before end of 2018. Hoo. The drama. The tension.
* Toronto Star covered this topic

Once that goes through, will be able to go back into the school system (ugh but yay lol) to be a chiropractor and then go onto learning Gonstead*! It’ll be a long journey but that’s the dream folks! Fixing the world one vertebrae at a time (or whatever joint is stuck, for that matter)
Great example of world class Gonstead chiropractic in video below!

2. Got a new full time position at an interdisciplinary clinic called Involved Medicine*, working in the Functional Medicine branch – the first massage therapist in this group! Got my own room and everything 🙂 Come say hello and get a small demo of what I do! (When the weather isn’t colder than Mars, yes. Please do come.)

Working with Rheumatologist Dr. Mittoo and Korean chiropractors Dr. Eric Jeoun and Dr. Been Jeoun! (Fun fact: Dr. Been had the highest GPA in his graduating class – he says it’s all thanks to God, as he picked his multiple choice answers and prayed intensely afterwards, haha)
See their website at

3. Planning to go to Florida this April for the US Pickleball Championships*. 1300 players signing up and hopefully me and Sara Mac will get in! Once we do, we’ll update you lovely folks on the biggest pickleball trip of our lives. (40,000$ in professional prize money!) Been playing at Progress Pickleball Club (Scarborough) and Cornell Pickleball Club (Markham).

4. Also been working at the LCBO part time, it’s a really interesting and a humbling experience. Selling booze over the holidays was pretty crazy..Haha. I love trying new beers! Craft beers are cool. Mad respect to all retail workers.. It’s amazing how hard they work. Side hustles are awesome. As Rihanna said, work work work*.
*https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HL1UzIK-flA(I could kill for some real jerk right now)

5. Hair is the longest it’s ever been in my life.Brian Wyatt, I am almost at full samurai mode. You would be proud of my patience. Plan on donating it once it gets to Rosanna U‘s level. Grow damn you, grow!

and that’s where things are right about now.

Happy New Year to everyone and I hope things are well, thank you to all my friends and loved ones for supporting me on this journey and hope to catch up in person over a cup of coffee! (or beer. LCBO has changed me)

Brian Donghui Rim, RMT


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